The Perfect Family Destination!

Centro Mall has been designed to become the iconic shopping destination, located at the heart district of Jnah, Beirut.
Our Mall is a Mall of community. It is for the fathers, mothers, and youth. We bring friends and families together through coffee breaks, lunch, dinner gatherings and a shopping experience like no other. We create special moments and memories.


Built on intersections, Centro Mall is only a few meters away from the Sports City and Jnah highways, making its access easy for the shoppers whether coming from the neighborhood or from other regions in Beirut and its suburbs. Add to that the high population density in its vicinity (reaching 20% of overall local population) and the fact of being a throw stone away from various selective extravagant 5 star hotels, embassies and luxury apartments:Centro Mall is essentially Central.

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    Satisfying all stakeholders and building relationships as well as earning their trust. Centro Mall’s aim is to guarantee rapport and confidence with its Community.
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    We aim to secure continuous investment for Centro Mall to remain a flagship; that is maintenance, innovation, novelties and latest technologies remain a major priority for Centro Mall to exist as a trendsetter in its field. Yearly targets and plans will be set forth and executed to ensure continuous progress. Marketing and promotional plans will be a focal concern for Centro Mall management in order to stand always as a frontrunner in the market.
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    Spread over 3 levels of spacious shopping and leisure areas, Centro Mall offers uniqueness on every front. Centro Mall premises offer the highest level of shopping and entertainment experience with restaurants, cafes and Cinema Halls and not to forget its supermarket, and department store, making Centro Mall ideal for all needs, demands and desires. Needless to say that Centro Mall provides carefully planned parking spaces designed according to international standards in addition to a premium Valet service.
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    Conveniently located at the center of the City, high-end restaurants and cafés are spread out along the pedestrian sidewalk in a beautifully designed walkway, making Centro Mall’s Food Alley an alternative dining destination for the country. Not only that, but the experience combines the typical European “Café Trottoir” atmosphere with traditional Lebanese flavors, thus bringing together the best of both realms. Centro Mall embraces a food court which is an architectural masterpiece, joining tasteful restaurants and regional chains.Cinemas, kids’ area and shopping alleys are all planned ergonomically to be optimized in terms of accessibility and safety.
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    Entertainment is a vital component of Centro Mall; it is the key to turning a venue from a beautiful experience to a whooping destination where families and friends enjoy every minute, while shopping, playing and learning. We can proudly say that Centro Mall is synonymous with entertainment.

Redefining retail